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Plant Based Build started with a vision. A vision to share our epic plant based meal prep recipes with the world and show people you can train and get results without stepping into a gym. 

meet Chantal

meet Ashton

Chantal Whitaker
Co-Creator | Recipe Developer 

Chantal grew up in Langley, BC, finding her passion for movement at a young age through figure skating and dance. She currently teaches dance fitness and spin classes in Kelowna, BC. Chantal gives her community the tools and techniques to successfully build a strong foundation, create new connections and continue to better themselves mind, body and spirit. Chantal firmly believes that size does not define fitness level and is committed to empowering others to feel strong, healthy and confident. When it comes to food, Chantal is known for her flavour-packed plant based meals, connecting individuals to a plant based lifestyle through easy to prepare, full of flavour and nutritionally dense recipes. For eight years, being vegan led Chantal to her passion in the kitchen, creating healthy and nutritious meals. Real food, full of flavour, foods that you want to eat.
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Genre of Music: Deep House
Favourite Movement: Triceps push up

Ashton Koutsantonis
Co-Creator | Fitness Program Developer

Ashton grew up in Kelowna, BC, playing sports at a high level and has always had a love for group fitness. After graduation, he ditched the team sports for a gym setting to train his body on a more personal level. Over the years, he has found his passion in helping others find their inner strength through movement. Ashton believes in a sustainable and compassionate approach to fitness and nutrition to achieve overall health- mental and physical gains. He has trained and coached boxing, coaches HIIT style group training and is an indoor spin instructor. Veganism and fitness are at the forefront of his journey to his best self – mind, body & soul. Ashton firmly believes a healthy lifestyle is more than just lifting weights or eating a salad. It’s about finding what you love to do to move your body every day, enjoying foods full of nutrients and changing your mindset to thrive. 
Favourite Food: Loaded Breakfast Wrap
Favourite Genre of Music: Bass House & DNB
Favourite Movement: Squat to Tuck Jump

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