Our 8 Week Shred Program is for those who want to begin their journey of sustainable and healthy fat loss. If your goal is to shed excess body fat, build lean muscle and achieve more muscle definition, then this is the program for you. 

Our 8 Week Bulk Program is for those who want to build muscle and increase strength, in a clean and sustainable way. If your goal is to add mass and make those gains in the kitchen, then the bulk program is for you. 


No access to a gym? No problem. We've designed a home workout plan to get you the results you want, without stepping foot into a gym. Our home workouts require minimal equipment - just a set of dumbbells and resistance bands is all you need. A perfect pairing to our shred program. (if your goal is to bulk and add mass, access to heavier weights is recommended). Video and written instruction included. 
*For all levels. Modifications Given.

Get ready to take your training program to the next level with our gym workout program. Built by vegan fitness professional Nick Schafer @ethically_fit. The focus will be on hypertrophy and strengthening exercises. This program is specifically designed to do one thing: make gains. These gains may come in the form of increased size, increased strength, and even increased endurance and stamina. Video and written instruction included. 


it's back...and bigger than ever

A group transformation challenge like no other



8 week delicious plant based meal plan (bulk or shred)

8 week workout program with video and written instructions (home or gym)

weekly live q+A's with your coaches

supplement guide

winners will each be given cash prizes

Stay motivated together

What the challenge is all about

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I'm in


Start your 8-week journey with other like minded individuals in a community full of support, encouragement and motivation led by your coaches, Chantal, Nick and Ashton! Through our private Facebook group is where you'll interact with your fellow challenge members, share tips & tricks, and crush your goals together.
Winners will be chosen based on: Overall mind & body transformation,
adherence to meal plan, dedication to the workouts, and interaction with fellow challenge members in the Facebook group. 


You'll have access to our own epic plant based macro-friendly recipes. Whether you're in the bulk or shred program, you'll be eating foods that taste great while still losing body fat and building muscle. Learn to meal prep like a boss with easy to follow recipes, shopping lists and all the tools you need to slay in the kitchen.


Become stronger in your body and stronger in your mind. Whether you're new to working out or a seasoned pro, our home and gym workout programs will have you feeling strong and crushing your goals. Never feel lost during a workout in the gym or at home, with video & written instruction from your coaches. 

You're tired of every fitness program telling you to restrict your diet to the same boring chicken and broccoli meal on repeat.

You're new to plant based eating and don't know where to start in the kitchen.

You've been feeling lost with your workouts.

You've been struggling to prepare healthy meals that actually taste good. Whatever is holding you back from feeling your best, we want to show you how to break free. 

We've been there too, we know what it's like to feel so discouraged or lost in the world of fitness. It's time to put an end to "I'll start tomorrow."

If you're looking to take your health and fitness to the next level or are interested in starting a plant based fitness journey but don't know where to start, then this is the challenge for you. Learn how to increase energy, burn fat, build muscle and increase metabolism with our epic plant based meal plan and workout programs suited to your goals. 

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First off, I have to say that you two are absolutely amazing. You’re love for fitness and helping others is beyond inspirational and motivating and I thank you for guiding me through this journey. This program has changed my life in so many ways and I am so grateful that I made the decision to join the program, and now here I am 28 days later feeling the best I have felt in a very long time. Everything from the sweat dripping workouts to the nourishing and delicious food, I have noticed so many benefits including decreased bloating, weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, and glowing skin!! I cannot wait to continue on this health journey with both coaches with their 1:1 program!! I am sooooo proud of each and everyone one of you and have a special place in my heart for all of you! We did this together..as a team..the support was amazing! 

- Rubina  (May 4 Week Challenge)

First time ever going plant based and I loved it. So stoked to continue with this new way of love. 
Needless to say, these last 28 days were such a learning curve learning a new way of eating and fueling your body; but so easy at the same time. I never once felt the urge to binge eat on the weekends or anything, which I normally do!
Thank you so much to everyone for helping me through and to Ashton Michael Koutsantonis and Chantal Whitaker; you are truly amazing at what you guys do.

-Victoria ( May 4 Week Challenge)

Well, all I have to say is I'm BEYOND GRATEFUL!!! This community has been so uplifting and supportive and seriously motivating!!! 
Muscles I haven't seen in years are poppin, my body is so happy, my mind is so clear, and my confidence is through the roof!!! 
If these are the results in 28 days, I can only imagine what's to come for all of us!!! 
Love you all! Stay strong, stay beautiful.

- Sarah (4 Week Challenge)

I kickstarted my 2021 with the first PBB challenge in January. Before that I had a very vague idea of nutrition/macros and loved the gym but stuck to the machines as I wasn’t familiar with movement yet either. Not only did PBB provide me with knowledge of movement, form and nutrition, they also provided me with the skills to continue on my health journey with complete confidence since then. I joined the second PBB challenge as well because I knew it would be even better than the first and it did NOT disappoint. 
In total I have lost over 35 lbs this year but also gained so much muscle definition, confidence and really feel like I took control of my life. 
Although I have already been plant based for a little over five years, Ashton & Chantal really changed my perspective on meals and made me more passionate to be in the kitchen again. All of the meals were so easy, nutrient dense and so delicious i almost couldn’t believe it. 
I also have to mention that my morning brain fog & bloating have disappeared completely and I now wake up feeling energized and ready to start my days! I don’t know where my health & fitness journey would be if it were for the lovely people behind PBB. Can’t wait for more challenges to come! xo

- Easton (January & May 4 Week Challenge)




Home + Gym workouts



HOME + GYM Workouts



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